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Order to perform this service through any of the operations that are enabled each time in relation to investment funds managed by Fonditel Management, SGIIC, SA, and Pension Plans Single mode integrated in Funds Pension Pension managed by Fonditel EGFP, SA (Hereinafter referred to any of them as the Company) will require that key operations obtained by user-holder by virtue of the "contract to operate via Internet", is operational.

Duties of parties:

The Company:

  • Make available to the user through the website Fonditel relationship via internet transactions.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of key operations.
  • Revoke key at the same time the user requests it.
  • The Company shall bear no liability for delays or failures in service due to third parties, failure or malfunction of communication lines or systems may occur.


The user:

  • Refer to the Company documentation to be required to confirm or supplement the operation to perform.
  • Key custodian operations, personal and not transferable, so as to ensure confidentiality and proper use. The Company is exempted from liability arising from the incorrect use of key operations and the use of it by another, even in the case of force majeure.
  • Both in the case of loss, theft or misappropriation of and in the know or suspect that your password may be in the possession of knowledge or unauthorized person must notify the Company immediately in order that the key is revoked .
  • Inform the Company any anomaly is detected in the use of the service.


Registration Validity and operations

Operations performed by the user through its key operations, is only operative when activated, will, for legal purposes, the same status as handwritten signatures producing full legal effect, being the Company standing to enforce Orders received through the Service.

All orders taken and their implementation shall be registered in the register of the Company's operations, composed of computer record corresponding to commands sent via the Internet, without prejudice to any documents or records for the written communications parties can refer each other, in addition to messages received via the Internet. To this end, both parties expressly authorize and irrevocably to record all the communications and transactions are maintained.

You agree the probative value of the electronic record of the operation performed.

User can issue commands at any time of day, every day of the year, however the orderly operations will be processed and executed by the Company during working hours the next business day that marked the operation, being excepted Anyway, on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and public holidays for labor purposes in the region and locality of the registered office of the Company.



Erroneous introduction and three consecutive key operations cause blocking, coming the user must accordingly to restart efforts to obtain a new key operations.

The Company reserves the right to adopt rules and safety measures deemed necessary to ensure the security and proper use of the service.

The Company may not execute those instructions or orders received reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person issuing the order, or it is contradictory to others.

The Company reserves the right to require written confirmation for transactions above certain amounts.

Computer processing of personal data:

Further personal data are provided to the Company for the execution of the various operations that provide the service, will also be incorporated into the files of the Company, being the same responsible for the files and charge of your treatment and therefore are considered voluntarily provided by the user who accepts and consents to be automatically processed, may exercise the same rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation as provided in the LO 15/1999, at the registered office of the Company.

User expressly authorizes the Company to provide, products or services of a financial nature, own or group companies to which the Company belongs to whom, also, with the sole purpose and approved for sale. In the event that at any time you wish to receive such offers or withdraw permission for the transfer, please let us directed in writing to the company whose data is in the contact section of this website.


Any observation or communication the user wants to send to the Company may be submitted in writing, fax or email at the number and address listed in the Contact section of this website.

Specified number and address may be replaced by the Company at any time by notice to the user of the new numbers and addresses that the effect is established.

Special Operations pension plans

Transactions through this service are subject to the general conditions and the terms and conditions stipulated in the specifications contained in the Regulations of the Pension Plan is going to hire.


Special Operations investment funds

Transactions through this service are subject to the general conditions and the terms and conditions stipulated in the specifications contained in the Investment Fund Regulation is going to hire.

A) Individuals The natural person shall conduct operations in this way enabled by entering its key operations, once it is operational.
Individuals, joint owners of the product, carry out operations authorized by this route as long as each of them had signed the contract to operate online to get your key operations and this is operational.


Procurement requirements to Product:

  1. The system will ask each of the joint owners enter their key operations as a means of acceptance of the contract for the product.
  2. Each of the co-owners must tick the acceptance of the Conditions of commonwealth / solidarity that govern all transactions relating to the product purchased.
  3. The co-owners must tick the acceptance of bank account number where requested redemptions will be made.
  4. The contract shall be made, if and only if each and every one of the joint holders have entered your key procurement operations and product acceptance, the Commonwealth regime / solidarity that govern the operation of the product and the bank account number in the which made the requested refunds.


B) Corporations The legal person may conduct operations enabled through this route as long as every one of the attorneys who will act on their behalf had previously obtained the corresponding key operations and these are operative.
The involvement of representatives shall conform to the powers granted to it by the legal person.
For this purpose, it is necessary to refer to the Company photocopy of CIF of the legal entity that will hold the product, of the articles of association of the same duly entered in the Register, as well as documentation of the personality of each of the attorneys who will act on your behalf and representation, along with the writings of power that had been granted by the legal owner of the product in favor of said attorneys.

Operation key operations:

Operations key is unique for each registered user. This key is used to confirm transactions ordered online.

Operations key mentioned may be equally valid to operate on behalf of another user, as long as it has been previously activad to operate on behalf of himself, for it is essential to subscribe, on behalf of the user a "contract to operate via internet".

Communication to society of the revocation of powers of attorney granted in his favor entail blocking password to operate solely on behalf of that user.