Decideyour investment

Why are we asking this?

A clear definition of the objective that we pursue with our investment is the fundamental component when establishing a risk profile. The objective can be set globally for all investments or may vary depending on the circumstances of a particular investment.

Risk works in two directions: greater assumed risk yields greater expected profitability, but also greater possible losses. For this reason the term of the investment is important in determining the risk profile, as the longer the period for our investment, the greater the possibility of risk assumption, as we will have more time to recover from possible losses that occur along the way.

The way in which the short term influences your decisions indicates a greater or lesser tolerance to volatility, and this information guides us closer to an investment structure with which you feel comfortable.

What the proposed investment means for you at the equity level is a figure that moves us to be more prudent the greater the percentage of equity that you put into play in said investment.

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